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Personalised Pop Socket

This personalised pop socket, or mobile phone stand/holder, is great for printing any great design or image onto. They make your image really stand out when attached to the back of your device.

This pop socket is compatible with any phones and/or devices, ideally those that don’t have the wireless charging built into them. It attaches to the back of a phone or phone case, with a sticky pad.

The idea behind this invention, is to help prevent you from dropping your phone whilst using it, or if you simply want an in-expensive mobile phone stand, and want it personalised with an image or custom design, then this is the right option for you. Check out the gallery image which shows you how to stand the mobile phone up with the pop socket.

It comes with an adhesive backing which is made from 3M tape, a strong adhesive, so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose from your device, as long as you make sure to sick it effectively.

Available in white and black (Mobile phone is not included – it is for illustrative purposes only).

The diameter of the pop socket, mobile phone stand/holder is approximately 38mm.


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